Steve Gleason’s tweet about Saints will help fans laugh off the loss


New Orleans Saints legend Steve Gleason tweeted out the best reaction to Sunday’s loss to the Vikings.

Watching your team lose in the playoffs is never a fun feeling for fans. To have that loss come on a last-second walk-off touchdown is the most helpless a fan can ever feel, and Saints fans are feeling that on Sunday night.

After coming back from a 17-0 hole, New Orleans lost on the final play of the Divisional Round to the Minnesota Vikings. It was a complete reversal of fortune, one so cathartic for Vikings fans that they still don’t know what to do with themselves.

For Saints fans, to have their season come to an end in such swift and unexpected way, it’s a sting no one wishes upon even their worst enemy. In these moments of utter defeat, we need to look at the bright side of life.

Saints ambassador Steve Gleason is that beacon of light that fans can look towards. After the loss, he tweeted out a reaction that you can’t help but smile at. Gleason, who has publically battled ALS, reached out to fans in need of something to help laugh off the pain.

Come on, that’s absolute gold. If you can’t laugh in life, what do we have?

Gleason is the perfect person to support Saints fans in their time of need. Throughout his battle with ALS, fans in New Orleans have given back to him more than he ever imagined. It’s a unique relationship that is held near and dear to the heart of fans on the bayou.

If there was a person to come forward and comfort Saints fans right now, there isn’t anyone better than Gleason.

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