Jason Kelce flames Eagles doubters in expletive-filled rant (Video)

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Jason Kelce came to the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl parade dressed as a mariachi leprechaun genie. Then things started to get weird.

The Eagles center name-checked former front office man and current Ringer employee Mike Lombardi who described Pederson as the least-qualified head coach in the NFL, calling Lombardi “some clown.”

This is where we’ll point out the irony of Kelce, dressed like a Lucky Charms fever dream, calling someone else a clown, but let’s just set that aside for the moment.

Kelce described Pederson as a “man who went for it on fourth-and-down,” which we can only assume was a Yuengling-induced slip of the tongue, although he repeated it.

More than once, the closed captioning must have said “(unintelligible)” as there are several parts of the speech where one literally cannot understand what Kelce is trying to say.

But it didn’t stop there. Kelce pushed forward, the feathers on his turban (??) flapping in the cold Philly air.

“I just heard one of the best chants this past day and it’s one of my favorites and it’s new, and I hope ya’ll learn it, cuz I’m about to drop it right now.”

OK, Jason. We’re here with you. This will be like “Fly, Eagles, Fly” right? Well, not exactly. Here’s what we got before the censors had to cut the audio on his the parade.

“You know what I gotta say to all those people that doubted us, to all those people who counted us out, and to all those people who said we couldn’t get it done?”

And then … nothing. Some crowd noise and cheering, but no actual words, just bleeped audio.

So, to answer your question Jason: No. No, we do not know what you have to say to all those people that doubted you.

But I bet it’s pretty spicy.

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