10 athletes we wouldn’t mind driving across the country

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Buffalo Bills cornerback Shareece Wright definitely got the most out of his Uber experience. Here are 10 athletes we’d be cool with driving cross-country.

Uber is a cool, fun and safe way to get from Point A to wherever Point B might be. For Buffalo Bills cornerback Shareece Wright, Point A was O’Hare International Airport in Chicago and Point B was Buffalo, New York.

His Uber driver thought he was talking about going to Buffalo Wild Wings, not the city four states East where he plays professional football. Wright is a professional athlete, so why didn’t he just get on a flight that would take him from Chicago to Buffalo? Then again, flying can be scary and who doesn’t love the random conversations you get into during an Uber ride?

Because we drive the ship, here are the 10 athletes we would definitely be on board with driving across the country because they said so. Some you do because they cross-country trip would be fun. Others, you would do to say that you did them and put them on your Uber resume.

Jul 17, 2015; St. Andrews, Fife SCT; John Daly tees off at the 2nd hole during the second round of the 144th Open Championship at St. Andrews – Old Course. Mandatory Credit: Ian Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

10. John Daly

This has the potential to be 100 percent the worst experience of your entire adult life, but you just don’t say no to giving PGA Tour legend John Daly a cross-country drive in your automobile. Daly has three days to get from West Palm Beach, Florida to Palm Springs, California to play in a golf tournament that he’s not going to win and might withdraw from. You in?

The genesis of this drive is Daly’s inability to get security clearance to fly his private jet from West Palm Beach to Palm Springs. There are only so many bridges a man can burn in a 10-minute tirade in a private Floridian airport. You know this is a terrible business proposition you are about to partake in. No, you’re not getting a tip and no, you’re probably not getting paid, but this is the adventure of your lifetime.

Daly will make you stop every hour or three to get some more Miller Lites so he can “tolerate” you on the cross-country drive. He’ll have a carton or two of Marlboros in your car on the way there. There is no faster way to render that new car smelling air freshener you rock in you car useless than Daly and a gross of cowboy killers.

If he “tolerates” you well enough, maybe on day three of the cross-country excursion he’ll let you use his driver to shank a golf ball off his tall boy tee he set out for you. Of course, you can’t consume said tall boy because you’re driving. Though you’re not getting paid for this John Daly delivery service to Palm Springs, there is a brief moment were you convince yourself that y’all are bonding. That makes the one-man party trek through the Arizona desert totally worth it.

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