Seahawks star praises Russell Wilson amid reports of locker room tension

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The Seattle Seahawks have been in the news with rumors of locker room issues – now, one vocal defender is attempting to squash all of that.

Despite being arguably the best team in the NFC over the past decade, the Seattle Seahawks are feeling how the other half lives this offseason amid an ESPN article that stated there is some serious tension within the locker room between the defense and quarterback Russell Wilson – much of it stemming from the still insane play call that cost them a victory in Super Bowl XLIX.

Much of the team, from head coach Pete Carroll to Wilson himself, have tried to play down the alleged beef that comes from the fact the offense tried to pass the ball instead of handing it off to Marshawn Lynch (we all remember what happened next – the New England Patriots intercepted the pass and Tom Brady got yet another title rings…yawn).

Now, one of the most vocal members of that defense is coming to the defense of the Seahawks’ quarterback in a big way. During a radio interview with 710 ESPN Radio in Seattle, defensive end Michael Bennett is not just defending Wilson – he’s saying the team wouldn’t have even done anything if he wasn’t in the locker room:

“There’s just a lot of alpha males running around, but everybody supports Russell Wilson. We can’t win a game without Russell Wilson. Russell Wilson is a top-five quarterback in the NFL. We cannot win a game without a guy like that.”

Now, there are going to be some people right now who will rattle off five quarterbacks who to them are better than Wilson – names like Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan come to mind – but to say the Seahawks’ success relies on No. 3 might be one of the smarter things Bennett has said.

The Seahawks have won a total of 56 games since Wilson was drafted and become the starter in 2012 – while Seattle won a total of just 33 games in the five seasons before his arrival. Am I saying all of that is because of Wilson? Of course not…but Wilson combined with defense players like Bennett has made them one of the league’s unstoppable forces.

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