Thank Goodness Tom Brady is a QB and Not a Lineman (Video)

New England Patriots

It’s a good thing that Tom Brady is a quarterback and not a lineman.

Not everyone can be good at everything. During a trip to Japan, Tom Brady found out that his skills on the field didn’t carry over to a wrestling mat. For a sport, whose athletes average about 300 pounds, sumo wrestling and Brady don’t mix well.

As Brady looks on in admiration for the sumo wrestlers, it probably would have been wiser if he just sat on the sideline for once. It’s one thing to immerse yourself in the culture of the country you’re visiting, but for the sake of others’ eyesight, please put a shirt back on, Tom. We get you’re trying to be the “Tom of all trades,” but stick to football. There’s no future for you in sumo wrestling.

One thing that makes Brady an eligible sumo wrestler is the number of sack lunches he eats every year. He’s easily one of the most targeted quarterbacks in the league, but he was lucky enough to escape the 2016 season with a career low of 15 sacks. In previous seasons, heavy-duty defensive linemen had no trouble pinning Brady down, so he was a bit rusty in handling a sumo wrestler.

Alas, if Brady wants to pursue another career, then it’s a safe bet that he’s not cut out for sumo wrestling. For one, his upright stance could have cost him a shoulder injury. Fortunately, the sumo wrestler exercised some caution, but still held off Brady’s weak frame. By no means is Tom Brady small compared to other NFL quarterbacks, but he looked boyishly fun-sized next to a professional sumo wrestler.

Who knows? Maybe Brady can try to recruit a sumo wrestler away from his homeland to play for the Patriots. There may be an opening on the front line of either the offense or defense in the next couple of seasons. Until then, go back to doing some finger dead lifts with your five Super Bowl rings before you hurt yourself, Tom Terrific.

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