5 reasons Derek Carr will win a Super Bowl for the Raiders

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Looking towards the future, here are five reasons why Raiders quarterback Derek Carr will win a Super Bowl for the franchise.

In the wake of his record-breaking contract extension, Derek Carr should be very confident in his ability to win it all. The Raiders clearly believe in him and he has every chance to reward them with a Super Bowl. He is a leader, a great teammate, and an elite starting quarterback.

Sadly, last season ended in disappointment. In Week 16, Carr suffered a fractured leg against the Indianapolis Colts. His season was over, and with it, so was the Raiders. They lost in Week 17 against the Broncos and then again in the Wild Card round against the Houston Texans. The unfortunate ending to last season has Raiders fans anxious to see their team make another run.

Carr was a legitimate MVP candidate last season prior to his injury. There is a good chance he’s in the running again this season. Last season he had 28 touchdowns and six interceptions with a QB rating of 96.7. If he can repeat those types of numbers, and hopefully improve a bit, he will be right there.

His improvement over the last three seasons, both as a passer and a leader, has been impressive. Although he hasn’t played on the big stage, and has struggled against playoff-caliber opponents, Carr is in prime position to capture his first Super Bowl ring sooner rather than later.

5. He is determined to come back stronger than before

Carr fractured his fibula at the end of last season, but is determined to return stronger . In a game that the Raiders were up big, an interesting passing play towards the end of the game led to them losing their quarterback.

Carr must understand what he means to the team. The Raiders have some talent, but they are nothing without him. They were walloped by a Broncos team led by Trevor Siemian in Week 17 with the AFC West on the line. Without Carr at the helm, the Raiders looked helpless.

Carr had to sit at home on the couch and watch his teammates struggle in the Wild Card game against the Texans. He will be well rested, and stronger than ever heading into the 2017-18 season.

As if he needed any more motivation, Carr will be hungry to return to the playoffs and actually get to play. He should come out guns blazing, wanting to prove himself even more than he already has. His passion and hunger coming off of his injury will give Carr the edge he needs to bring home the Lombardi Trophy.

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