NFL confuses home state of Washington Redskins

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The NFL Fan shop mistook the home state of Washington Redskins on a souvenir license plate.

The NFL has released souvenir license plates, regarded as “State Pride.” A vast majority are correct, showing the team logo within the boundary of the state for which the team plays. The state and the logo are awash in the team colors. The Washington Redskins however, are not shown correctly. Indeed, instead of displaying Maryland, the plate displays the Redskins logo within the boundary lines of Washington State.

As the Washington Post pointed out, there are no issues with teams in the same state. Both the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans are listed correctly. The Ravens logo within rather nicely in the state of Maryland. Just as the Redskins should have been. Even the Seattle Seahawks that are actually located in the state of Washington are correctly done.

One wonders how this happened. Is there not any kind of fact-checking going on at the NFL team shop? Somebody would have had to post this on the webpage and not thought twice. It’s understandable that one or two people didn’t notice it because perhaps they aren’t football fans, and believe the teams actually plays in the northwest. Still, this is a pretty horrendous look for a league that is obsessive about the way it appears.

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