Brandon Marshall using FaceTime with Eli Manning

New York Giants, NFL Offseason

As he looks to rebound from a bad 2016 season, Brandon Marshall is building rapport with his new quarterback.

Last season was not good for anyone associated with the New York Jets and wide receiver Brandon Marshall was no different. He had just 59 catches for 788 yards and three touchdowns in 15 games, so Marshall was an easy cut as the Jets let go of multiple veterans this offseason.

But Marshall landed quickly with the New York Giants, with quarterback Eli Manning comparing the signing to when Plaxico Burress was brought in. Marshall’s veteran presence should help on and off the field, as Odell Beckham tries to avoid off-field distractions and Sterling Shepard tries to take the next step in his second NFL season.

Marshall has been praised by the Giants for his work ethic and professionalism during offseason work. During a recent appearance on ESPN Radio, Marshall also defended his new quarterback.

“A lot of people kill Eli — and I’ve been one to look back and kind of have fun with it a few times, too — but he always has this face,” Marshall said. “People are like, ‘Why is he always looking like that?’ And I truly believe it’s because he’s always thinking. Like he is one of the smartest guys I’ve been around. And I’ve been around some smart quarterbacks,” Marshall said Wednesday on ESPN Radio. “[Ryan] Fitzpatrick, extremely smart. Even Jay Cutler, extremely smart. Eli Manning, I’ve never seen anything like this guy. His brain never stops.”

Marshall apparently wants to pick Manning’s brain, as he continues to learn the Giants’ offense. So he’s putting the down time before training camp to good use.


The relationship between quarterback and wide receiver can be a complicated one, with timing and communication as two of the most vital components. Marshall obviously has his eye on making an immediate impact in his first year with the Giants, and he’s using all means possible to keep the lines of communication open with Manning,

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