J.J. Watt is way too massive for this soccer jersey


The Houston Texans’ J.J. Watt and Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero swapped jerseys. It did not go well.

Manchester City are in the United States to participate in the preseason International Champions Cup. They are currently in Houston ahead of their matchup with rivals Manchester United at NRG Stadium on Thursday.

It has become common in these situations for stars of visiting big-name soccer clubs to meet and interact with the stars of the local professional sports teams. Sometimes they exchange jerseys. In this instance, Manchester City forward Sergio Aguero met J.J. Watt of the Houston Texans. They swapped jerseys.

They should not have done that.

Would you look at that? Watt is a giant human. Aguero is not a giant human. It looks like that Man City jersey is set to explode into a thousand pieces should Watt so much as take a single breath. It’s like the first time a bodybuilder tries on a slim-fit shirt. I imagine it’s what wearing corset feels like. Do not move, J.J.!

Aguero, on the other hand, looks very comfy in his loose fitting football jersey. He looks like he could be the kicker, and he would actually probably be really good at it.

In all likelihood, Watt is probably wearing the largest size jersey Manchester City had on hand. European sizes run smaller than American sizes. Soccer jerseys certainly aren’t designed to fit 6-foot-5, 289-pound behemoths. The tallest soccer player I can think of is Peter Crouch, who comes in at 6-foot-7, but he only weighs in at a measly 165 pounds.

I hope their is video of Watt trying to put on this tiny shirt. I really hope there is video of him running around kicking a soccer ball in this tiny shirt. Or maybe catching a pass from Aguero. There is no way they didn’t have to use scissors to get that thing off of him.

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