Antonio Brown cruises into Steelers training camp in 1931 Rolls Royce (Video)

Pittsburgh Steelers

There’s tons of controversy surrounding the Steelers starting lineup as their training camp begins, but it didn’t seem to faze Antonio Brown at all.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a ton of issues going on dealing with contracts this offseason, specifically with Le’Veon Bell. On the other end, Antonio Brown seems to be having no financial problems as he heads into training camp.

The Steelers had their first training camp practice on Thursday, and fans and media were waiting forever to see their favorite stars arrive at the team’s practice. One big name everyone wanted to see was Brown, who did not disappoint with his entrance.

Brown rolled up in a 1931 Rolls Royce convertible with a completely straight face and music blasting, showcasing his style and the big money he gets as the Steelers’ top receiver.

The move isn’t anything new for Brown, as he’s come into the Steelers training camp in a Rolls Royce each of the last three years now. He started the trend in a Steelers-colored, $500,000 Rolls Royce two years ago, and didn’t stop it there. The next year, he had a Rolls donned with black and gold stars as if he were coming from outer space.

The one thing that has changed throughout the years is who’s behind the wheel. Last year, his brother served as the driver in the galaxy-themed Rolls, and this year the All-Pro receiver hired a chauffeur for the occasion.

The whole situation may not please a certain teammate of his, as Bell is currently holding out for more money in a deal with the Steelers after an unsuccessful offseason. Bell is currently going to have to take the team’s franchise tag if he wants to start playing this season, and feels he’s worth more with top running back money, along with No. 2 receiver money.

Maybe Brown can lend Bell a Rolls Royce to make him feel a bit better about his contract situation, and entice him to come back and start playing.

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