Khalil Mack has a goal of 30 sacks this upcoming season

Oakland Raiders

Khalil Mack has his eyes set on a record breaking campaign this upcoming season.

Heading into the 2017 campaign, there may not be a more intriguing team to watch than the Oakland Raiders. Sure, the New England Patriots are the favorite to repeat, but the excitement around Oakland is real.

Not only do the Raiders have a rising star quarterback in Derek Carr, they have Khalil Mack. The 26-year-old is entering his fourth season and he’s not shying away from expectations. As a matter of fact, he’s putting more pressure on himself.

Peter King of MMQB reported that Mack would like to have a 30-sack season. If Mack were to accomplish this feat, he would beat Michael Strahan’s record by eight sacks. Considering Mack hasn’t even reached 20 sacks in a season, this is very unlikely.

Ironically, Carr spilled the beans about Mack wanting 30 sacks, which caused him to calm down the buzz a bit.

“That’s the number I shoot for, but I didn’t want him to tell everybody else,” Mack said. “But at the same time, D.C., he knows how hard we work, what kind of work we put in, and he knows what I want but at the same time. Realistically, we just want to get the record at least.”

In recent memory, we’ve seen a couple guys threaten Strahan’s record. Kansas City Chiefs Justin Houston was close in 2014 and Houston Texans J.J. Watt has reached the 20-sack mark twice.

In just three seasons, Mack is a two-time Pro Bowle and two-time first team All-Pro, and he’s the reigning Defensive Player of the Year. However, reaching 30 sacks is just not going to happen, especially when teams will be zeroed in on him. If you’re a Raiders fan, you have to love his attitude, though.

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