Raiders troll own fans with giveaway (Photo)

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The Oakland Raiders sent out a gift for their season-ticket base, and it is one of the most insulting thing we have seen in some time.

Earlier this year, it was announced that the Oakland Raiders would be moving to Las Vegas, likely within the next two years. The news was met with plenty of anger among those in the Bay Area, although anybody paying attention to recent developments knew it was the most probable outcome.

All that said, maybe it isn’t the best idea for a team still playing in Oakland to troll its own fans. Yet that is exactly what the Raiders did, albeit unintentionally, with this pin collection it sent out as a gift to its season-ticket base.

How could anybody have put this together and thought that the “LOYALTY” pin wasn’t going to strike a nerve. The Raiders originally were born in 1960 as an American Football League franchise and called Oakland home until former owner Al David abandoned the city for Los Angeles in 1982. However, it turns out Los Angeles is one of the worst sports cities in the United States, and Davis came back to Oakland with tail firmly between legs before the 1995 season.

The Raiders are expected to be good this season after finishing 12-4 a year ago. They better be, because a slow start coupled with the knowledge that team is heading for Vegas in the near future could create a nasty situation at the Coliseum.

In the meantime, maybe the Raiders would be well-advised not to trot out dumb promotions and gifts. A little thought never hurt.

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