Saints’ Cameron Jordan savagely trolls Blake Bortles over interceptions

Jacksonville Jaguars, New Orleans Saints

When pegged about New Orleans Saints practice, Cameron Jordan took a shot at Jacksonville Jaguars QB Blake Bortles in his answer

NFL training camp is a time where people can obsess over every little thing, and this past weekend there was a lot of focus on Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles. During a practice this past weekend, Bortles threw five interceptions to his defense, not good for someone who already is unfortunately known for turning the ball over. Throughout his first three years in the NFL, Bortles has thrown 51 interceptions which, well, is not very good.

Because of what happened over the weekend and because of his history with this particular type of turnover, the Bortles bashers were out in full force. And that crew apparently involves one fellow NFL player in particular.

New Orleans Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan appeared on SiriusXM NFL on Wednesday, and when he was asked about facing future Hall of Famer Drew Brees and the team’s offense in practice, he decided to use the answer to take a shot at Bortles just like everyone else the past few days.

Was it maybe an unnecessary shot from Jordan on a fellow NFL player? Probably, especially seeing as he doesn’t even play in the same conference, let alone the same division. Sure, it makes a tad bit of sense if, say, Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Chris Long took a shot at New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning for getting interception happy because, you know, division rivals and all. But man, why’d Jordan have to clown Bortles like that?

It was a savage troll, but nonetheless, this is the reputation that Bortles has built for himself his first few seasons in the NFL, and if he wants to stop being the butt of the turnover jokes, then he should … well, stop doing them.

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