Von Miller believes 30 sacks in a season is ‘doable’

Denver Broncos

Von Miller isn’t looking to break Michael Strahan’s sack record, he’s aiming to decimate it.

In an interview after practice with the Denver Broncos team website, Von Miller said he believes 30 sacks in a season is “doable.”

Is the idea of a 30-sack season a bit ludicrous? Perhaps that answer lies with the zebras. The age old issue with offensive linemen and referees is that holding is not called as often as it should be. In fact, it’s a problem that Raiders quarterback Derek Carr addressed just a couple of weeks ago with Adam Schein on Mad Dog Sports Radio. After predicting that reigning NFL Defensive Player of the Year winner Khalil Mack will reach 30 sacks in a season, Carr pulled no punches, going right for the jugular on the holding issue.

I’m still sticking with my 30 number. Because we know this is going to blow up, I’m gonna say 30,” Carr predicted. “If he doesn’t get held … If they start calling the holdings, if they start calling them like they should — I’m saying 30.”

Obviously, this is a clear hurdle for Miller to jump through because as talented as he is, he can’t control the officiating. However, instead of harping on that, Von took a much different, more quasi-analytical view to this.

“You’ve got to get 10 in that first month. You’ve got to get 10 in your first month, which is doable,” Miller said. “So then you’ve got 10 in five games right there. If you get three, two, three, it’s definitely doable.”

Miller then went on to add that taking advantage of the pass rushing opportunities is key.

“If you get five open rushes, you’ve got to win all five of those rushes. Out of those rushes, you might get two or three sacks off those. That’s the math I have on it.”

Maybe 30 sacks is an extreme goal to set, but Strahan’s record is very much in reach. If anyone in the NFL can do it, it’s Von Miller.

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