LaDainian Tomlinson gives patriotic speech (Video)


Running back LaDainian Tomlinson gave an inspirational and patriotic message during his Hall of Fame induction speech.

Hall of Fame speeches are always an interesting and entertaining spectacle. They range from inspirational to moving, serious to humorous. Running back LaDainian Tomlinson took full advantage of his time to deliver an inspirational and patriotic message to those in attendance and watching at home.

He recounted the history of his family, specifically a distant grandfather’s journey to America on a slave ship. He then used it to examine how sports teams work cohesively and encouraging all Americans to expand that to their daily lives and attitudes towards their fellow Americans in what has become an increasingly tense and divisive time.

Here is a full transcript of Tomlinson’s comments.

“If this was my last day on earth, and this my final speech. This is the message I’ll leave with you. The story of a man I never met, my great, great, great, grandfather George,” Tomlinson said. “170 years ago, George was brought here in chains on a slave ship from West Africa.

“His last name, Tomlinson, was given to him by the man who owned him. Tomlinson was a slave owner’s last name. What extraordinary courage it must have taken for him to rebuild his life after the life he was born to was stolen.

“How did he reclaim his identity, his dignity when he had no freedom to choose for himself. I grew up on the land of a former slave plantation. And although I did not know this as a child, it is where my great, great, great grandfather tilled the soil. A few years ago I visited that same plantation in Central Texas with my family and stood in the slave quarters where he lived. It’s now named Tomlinson Hill.

“My name began with the man who owned my great, great, great grandfather. Now it’s proudly carried by me, my children, my extended family. People stop me on the street because they know me as LT the football player. But after football people have begun to recognize me as LaDainian Tomlinson. Not simply for what I did as a football player, but for who I am as a man.

“The family legacy that began in such a cruel way has given birth to generations of successful, caring Tomlinsons. I firmly believe that God chose me to bring two races together under one last name, Tomlinson.

“I’m of mixed race and I represent America. My story is America’s story. All our ancestors, unless we’re American Indian, came from another country, another culture. Football is a microcosm of America. All races, religions, and creeds living, playing, competing, side by side.”

Tomlinson continued: “When you’re a part of a team, you understand your teammates. Their strengths, their weaknesses. And work together towards the same goal, to win a championship. In this context, I advocate we become Team America. In sports, we’re evaluated on our desire and ability and given a chance to compete. America is the land of opportunity. Let’s not slam the door on those who may look or sound different from us. Rather, let’s open it wide for those who believe in themselves, that anything is possible, and are willing to compete and take whatever risk necessary to work hard, to succeed.

“I’m being inducted into the Hall of Fame because my athletic ability created an opportunity for me to excel in the sport I love. When we open the door for others to compete, we fulfill the promise of one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all.

“On America’s team, let’s not choose to be against one another. Let’s choose to be for one another. My great, great, great grandfather had no choice. We have one. I pray we dedicate ourselves to be the best team we can be, working and living together, representing the highest ideals of mankind, leading the way for all nations to follow.

“One of the most eloquent orators of our time said it best in his farewell address. Paraphrasing and humbling building upon what President Obama said, we all have to try harder, show up, dive in and stay at it. I am asking you to believe in your ability to bring about change, to hold fast to the faith and idea whispered by slaves, ‘yes, we can.’”

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