When is Hard Knocks 2017 on HBO GO and HBO Now?

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Fans hoping to tune in to see the 2017 season premiere of Hard Knocks on HBO GO were disappointed on Tuesday night, so when will it arrive on HBO’s streaming service?

The 2017 season of Hard Knocks, featuring the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, debuted on HBO on Tuesday, Aug. 8. A bunch of confused fans, though, discovered that it wasn’t on HBO GO as they expected it would be.

This was a perfectly reasonable assumption. While HBO GO doesn’t stream HBO content live (with a few exceptions), programs are usually available on the service “within minutes of the broadcast start time,” according to the HBO GO FAQ.

Alas, that doesn’t apply to Hard Knocks, and people were not too happy to find that out the hard way.

At least HBO has been consistent about it, as the previous season of Hard Knocks was also unavailable via HBO GO (and HBO Now, for that matter) until the morning after each new episode.

So when can you watch the Tampa Bay Bucs on Hard Knocks and see what one FanSided.com editor called “probably the best episode of Hard Knocks ever” thanks to a Jameis Winston motivational speech? Early Wednesday morning.

Tell your friends, because there’s a lot of confusion out there about this. And remember next week that if you watch your HBO on an app, you’ll have to wait until the morning after to catch up.

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