J.J. Watt reacts to younger brother T.J.’s first-career sack in the NFL

Houston Texans, Pittsburgh Steelers

T.J. Watt is in his first game with the Pittsburgh Steelers and in the first series, he recorded his first-career sack and J.J. Watt reacted on Twitter.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are in town to take on the New York Giants for their preseason opener. All eyes are on their first-round pick on defense — LB T.J. Watt.

Naturally, since T.J. carries the last name Watt, there are a lot of expectations on his shoulders, given what his older brother, J.J. Watt, was able to do with the Houston Texans during his first few seasons in the NFL.

Well, just like his older brother, T.J. made a huge impact on the first series of the game, sacking the New York Giants’ QB Josh Johnson.

Watt didn’t waste any time in going after the quarterback during his tenure in the NFL. It was a 3rd-and-7 and Watt rushes Johnson and takes him down. Similar to his older brother, he had a fantastic little celebration right after too.

Big brother must have been really proud, as he tweeted this out immediately there after:

Oh wait, that’s not enough yet. T.J. Watt still had more in the tank in the first quarter, as he had another sack immediately there after on Johnson.

A lot was said about Watt during the pre-draft process, with him being undersized for the position or someone who can’t develop to be the force that J.J. Watt is on the field.

So far, it seems like the Steelers got a steal with their draft pick this year. Pittsburgh definitely needs some help on defense, as it was one of the youngest in the NFL last season. Their offense is loaded with weapons, but if their pass rush with LB Bud Dupree and Watt can get going — watch out.

So far, so good for the new Steeler.

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