NFLPA is ready to help Colin Kaepernick should he request it

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If Colin Kaepernick wants help from the NFLPA, they are apparently ready to step in

Colin Kaepernick has not found a job with an NFL team yet as the preseason has gotten underway. We hadn’t seen much out of the NFLPA in terms of a position for support for Kaepernick.

NFLPA president Eric Winston weighed in on Kaepernick in an interview with Deadspin. It turns out Kaepernick hasn’t reached out to the union quite yet.

We’ve been in contact with Colin’s representatives, and we’ve let them know that we’re there and ready to help with whatever they’d like—whether it’s just some guidance on PR or whatever. I know they’ve chosen to lay low, and I respect that—every player has to make a decision on how they want the union’s help, and I completely understand that, and that’s fine. The union’s always stood ready to help him in any way that we need to. We will continue to monitor that situation, we’ll continue to do anything that we can to make sure that he has another opportunity to play. At the end of the day, that’s really it. We’re not going to force ourselves on a player. He’s calling the shots, he wants what he wants, and I respect that, and that’s what we’ll do.

He was then asked if he thought Kaepernick was being blackballed by the NFL.

Of course. You definitely get that feeling—obviously, that’s very hard to prove and it’s very hard to show. But, at the same time, for Christ’s sakes, you have an owner out there publicly saying, “I’m polling fans to decide whether I should have this guy on my team or not.” It’s obvious that owners are scared of it, are worried about it.

That’s fine. I guess that’s their business or whatever. But it kind of seems a little ridiculous to me. To act like Colin isn’t one of the top—let’s just call it 64 quarterbacks in the world right now is even more disingenuous. The fact that he’s not on a team right now, I think, kind of speaks to that. It’s kind of pretty silly.

Could Kaepernick help a team right now? Absolutely. Would he be a fit on every team and every system? Not necessarily.

Kaepernick’s 59.2 percent completion percentage was 26th among quarterbacks last season. His 2,241 yards was 29th. His 16 touchdowns were tied for 25th with Carson Wentz of the Philadelphia Eagles. Because of that, I’m not sure how he would fit with a team that runs a West Coast style of offense, for example, though with the right coaching you never know.

I agree with Winston in the fact that Kaepernick is among the 64 best quarterbacks in the world, but for him, if he does decide to sign with a team should someone give him the opportunity, it has to be the right system with the right coaching staff and weapons around him that can maximize his ability and help deal with the media attention that will surround the signing.


The current CBA expires in 2020 and should the NFLPA file a grievance on Kaepernick’s behalf, it could be the first salvo in what should be a rough negotiation.

There will be a rally in support of Kaepernick led by Spike Lee on the 23rd of this month in front of the NFL’s offices. Will this lead to a team signing him? We shall see.

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