Odell Beckham Jr. takes a stand against the sun, stares directly at eclipse

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A solar eclipse hit the continental United States on Monday and people everywhere were glancing at the sky. Odell Beckham Jr. decided to skip the NASA recommended glasses and stare directly at the eclipse.

Odell Beckham Jr. doesn’t have time for those fancy eclipse glasses. The New York Giants All-Pro wide receiver posted an Instagram of him staring directly at the sun during Monday’s eclipse.

OBJ knows you’re not supposed to look at the sun during the eclipse. He even asks someone off-camera, “how long are you not supposed to look?” Towards the end of the post, Beckham is seen rubbing his eyes.

Vox.com had a comment from an ophthalmologist about why what Beckham did could be costly.

“The light from the sun is very intense and concentrated into a very small area, and then that light is converted into heat and that heat cooks the retina,” Schuman says. “So you have a permanent area that you don’t see, a permanent blind spot.” What’s worse, a retina burn doesn’t heal like a sunburn on the skin. It actually doesn’t heal at all.

Beckham was not the only one who was not afraid to peak at the sun during the eclipse. The President of the United States also joined him in ditching the shades.

The damage for either of the two men staring at the sun could be costly.

Beckham, poised for another promising season in New York, will really need those eyes to be in top shape. He is looking to add a fourth consecutive 1,000 yard season and 4th trip the Pro Bowl.

OBJ reported to training camp, despite wanting a new contract. He looks in mid-season form making his patented one-handed catches.

Beckham is trying to show everyone he truly is deserving of his requested contract to make him the highest paid player in the league by not being afraid of anything, including the sun.

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