Roger Goodell close to contract extension through 2024

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He seems to continually be under fire, but NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is in line for a contract extension.

During his tenure as NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell has mishandled many situations. But the league has also been practically printing money for its owners, so it’s not a huge surprise Goodell is close to signing to a contract extension through 2024.

Goodell’s new deal will reportedly be similar to his current contract, which expires in 2019. The league’s tax filing in 2015 shows Goodell made $32 million that year, and he has made $212.5 million in his first 10 years as commissioner.

Discussions regarding Goodell’s new contract go back to the league meetings in May, with Falcons owner Arthur Blank heading a committee of his peers in those talks. ESPN’s Adam Schefter suggested talks have not gone as expected, but it’s a matter of time before any lingering issues are ironed out and a new deal for Goodell is officially done.

With Tom Brady’s “Deflategate” suspension and the more recent Ezekiel Elliott suspension, Goodell has ran afoul of two prominent, powerful owners in Robert Kraft and Jerry Jones. But 29 other guys (and whoever speaks for the Packers on league matters) also have a say in Goodell’s status and future. With some new stadiums having been built, a Las Vegas relocation, a move back to Los Angeles by the Rams and money pouring in, most of those voices are in Goodell’s corner as long as things are good for them business-wise.

The NFL office has given up its status as a non-profit, flimsy as that was anyway, so it is no longer required to make Goodell’s salary public. But he’s surely not taking a substantial pay cut on his five-year extension, and Goodell will continue to be a well-paid front man (and public punching bag) for the men who pay him.

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