EA and NFL teams expand Madden Club Championship to all 32 franchises

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Just in time for the release of Madden 18, the second season of the Madden Club Championship has expanded to include all 32 NFL teams.

Madden 18 G.O.A.T. edition has dropped, and the standard edition will be available on Aug. 25. When fans of all 32 NFL teams start playing, the best will have a chance to represent all of the NFL’s franchises in a tournament sponsored by EA Sports.

In its inaugural season in 2016, the Madden Club Championship included only eight NFL teams. Madden players registered for online ladder tournaments in the respective cities, and the top qualifiers would then compete for the right to represent the individual franchises against the other seven NFL franchise representatives. This year’s championship is following the same path but on a much bigger scale.

According to a press release from EA, registration for the individual team tournaments opened on Aug. 21. The online ladder play, which includes Madden Ultimate Team champions or salary cap options, runs through Oct. 21. Contest entrants must have an account with EA and Madden Rewards, along with being at least 13 years of age. Top performers from the online ladder play pool will progress to face each other in person in various venues in each of the NFL cities.

The stage for the final phases of the competition has grown as well. Fionna Schweit of Kitsuga reports that the final 32 competitors will take part in games that will begin at the Pro Bowl Experience in Orlando, Fla., then spread throughout Super Bowl week in Minneapolis, Minn. in February of 2018.

As the contest has expanded, so have the rewards. The prize purse will total $403,000 this season and include tickets to Super Bowl LII. Just like last season, the winner of the entire tournament will get a spot in the Madden 18 Championship Series, which has a prize pool of $1.153 million.

With all 32 NFL cities now included, the chances of finding the best Madden players in those cities have grown exponentially. The best Madden players in this tournament not only have the chance to garner some prizes for themselves but bragging rights for their favorite NFL teams as well.

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