Colin Kaepernick thanks supporters for rally at NFL headquarters

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The free agent quarterback took to social media to thank supporters who gathered outside of NFL headquarters on Wednesday.

Colin Kaepernick is still without a team. Though the reasons for that are unclear and range anywhere from his talent to today’s harsh political climate, that didn’t stop supporters from rallying in a show of solidarity with the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback on Wednesday.

And it seems Kaepernick took notice. Late Thursday afternoon, the free agent quarterback took to Twitter to the people who gathered around the NFL headquarters in New York City with demands that Kaepernick be offered an NFL job by the start of the regular season.

Reports say more than 1,000 supporters rallied outside of the NFL building in midtown Manhattan also demanding players be allowed freedom of expression. Some believe Kaepernick’s unemployment is due to his being blackballed by the league for his protests.

With this rally, some supporters hoped the pressure would get Kaepernick a meeting with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Last year, Kaepernick’s protests during the national anthem for the entire regular season sparked controversy and discussion that sent shockwaves through the league. Since then, more players, such as the Seattle Seahawks’ Michael Bennett and the Philadelphia Eagles’ Malcolm Jenkins, have joined in, protesting against police brutality and racial inequality. Around the time Kaepernick began his protests, he pledged $1 million of his salary to help those communities. He posted on his Instagram recently that his donation total has since reached $800,000.

Kaepernick continues to be the topic of the most heated debates in the NFL. From his kneeling during the anthem, to his actual play on the field, fans and critics alike have made their case for or against him. Though the reason an NFL job hasn’t popped up hasn’t been found, those in support of him are taking on a larger role to help.

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