Dez Bryant refuses to be served by Blaze pizza-peddling Cowboys haters


After enjoying a meal and leaving a generous tip at Blaze Pizza, Dez Bryant encountered a tweet that made him never want to return.

Usually when an NFL player walks into your restaurant and leaves a $75 tip after their meal, you become a fan of that player and team, or at least act like you are. But that was not the road that Blaze Pizza worker Kristal Jacobs took.

Jacobs was lucky enough to receive a $75 tip from Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant, but she posted on Twitter that it did not change her feelings about the team from Dallas.


Bryant, who was selected 24th overall by the Cowboys in 2010 and has spent his entire career in Dallas, made it very clear that he does not like when people bad mouth his team. He responded to Jacobs and said jokingly that he will not be eating at that specific Blaze location anymore.

Jacobs since deleted her tweet, but screenshots are forever. Enjoy the exchange, below.

Bryant had a good attitude on Twitter about the entire scenario but that didn’t stop Blaze from responding quickly trying to save face with the team.

The pizza joint owned by LeBron James made it their mission to show Bryant that the company is indeed fans of the Cowboys. They tweeted at Bryant saying, “We fumbled that one, but we’ve still got your team on our backs! #CowboysNation.”

The star wide receiver responded saying “All love baby!”

Bryant also tweeted that the food he ate was amazing and he intends to return to Blaze soon, but just not at the location where Kristal Jacobs works.

Jacobs can learn two things from this encounter. First, next time you receive a tip of that amount, make sure to keep that customer happy. Second, if Dak Prescott or Ezekiel Elliot walks in next, make sure to act like the biggest Cowboy fan on the planet.

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