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The second week of the NFL season is here, and we are back with our picks for another full slate of 16 games. Welcome to the party.

We’re back for Week 2 of the season, and while some of us are hoping to continue our winning ways, others are correctly hiding in shame. Another week like the last from Mark Carman, and we’re putting him in timeout. Then again, he’s already sleeping at his desk again, so why bother?

Last week, college football editor Jack Jorgensen stunned the nation (and his family) with a 13-2 record, the best in the country. Literally, Jorgensen is lapping the entire United State of America. Meanwhile, NFL editor and lead writer Matt Verderame checked in at a mediocre 8-7, same as assistant NFL editor Josh Hill. Both need to do better.

If you can’t remember who any of these people are, here’s a link back to last week’s picks. Enjoy both the descrptions, and in some cases, our comical picks (what a group of idiots, all picking the Houston Texans to beat the Jacksonville Jaguars).

So what do we have for you this week? Check it out below…


Jack Jorgensen      13-2
Cody Williams       11-4
Joel Wagler            11-4
Jake Walerius        11-4
Patrick Schmidt    11-4
Michael Collins     10-5
Mike Dyce              10-5
Phil Watson           10-5
Patrick Allen           9-6
Josh Hill                    8-7
Matt Verderame    8-7
Mark Carman          6-9

We hae a clean sweep for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New England Patriots, Baltimore Ravens, Oakland Raiders and Seattle Seahawks. We also saw everybody go with the Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Chargers, Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals, save for one dissenting vote.

Which picks did we get right? Where did we go horribly off course? Do we deserve to have our jobs? Let us know in the comments!

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