15 Seconds of Fame bringing fan videos to all 32 NFL stadiums

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One of the hottest sports-related social media extensions, 15 Seconds of Fame, has closed a deal with the NFL that will make its product available to fans at all 32 stadiums.

15 Seconds of Fame has allowed many fans who are lucky enough to be captured during sports broadcasts the ability to share and save those moments. NFL fans all over the country are now part of that growing group.

According to a press release, 15 Seconds of Fame will cull through the broadcasts of every NFL game this season for its product. Fans who are registered with the platform will have their moments captured by the company’s technology. The platform will then deliver those custom videos to the users’ smart phones via the free 15 Seconds of Fame app. Users can then download the video and share on social media platforms free of charge.

NFL fans will now be able to receive personal video content that was unimaginable a short time ago,” said Brett Joshpe, CEO of 15SOF. “These nostalgic and epic moments are the ultimate keepsake from an already incredible gameday experience.

We are thrilled to partner with 15SOF,” said Blake Stuchin, Vice President, Digital Media Business Development at the NFL. “This partnership will give our fans an exciting new way to capture gameday memories and share them with their friends across social and digital media.

Not only will this provide some extra incentive for fans to attend NFL games in the hopes of being captured on camera, but it creates an incentive for those fans to commit to making the experience memorable. Broadcast cameras are much more likely to let their cameras rest on fans who stand out because of their creativity or energy at the games.

For the NFL and its franchises, the partnership creates value not only by providing another channel for promotion, but also by creating content that the teams can use in their fan engagement strategies.

The last but certainly not least important value is for 15 Seconds of Fame. Adding all of the NFL to its growing list of partners which already includes MLB, the Big Ten and several individual NBA, NCAA and NHL teams is a touchdown for the company. For fans, celebrating touchdowns like that could end up in landing their 15 Seconds of Fame.

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