Reuben Foster is a Savage on the 49ers sidelines (Photo)

San Francisco 49ers

Reuben Foster may not be playing on Thursday Night Football for the San Francisco 49ers, but he is 100 percent a Savage on the sideline in that hoodie.

San Francisco 49ers rookie inside linebacker Reuben Foster is nursing an ankle injury. It kept him out of Thursday night’s home game against the division rival Los Angeles Rams in Week 3.

But that doesn’t matter, because he is a Savage. Or that’s what his custom-made No. 56 49ers black hoodie tells us. One day very soon, Foster will be out there for San Francisco wreaking havoc for the 49ers defense. But now, it’s about that awesome hoodie on the sidelines on Thursday Night Football. What a sight!

While Foster might be Savage No. 56 on Thursday night, guess who went savage on the 49ers in the first half? Rams running back Todd Gurley. He had three touchdowns in the first half for Los Angeles, two rushing and one receiving. Gurley is proving to be more like the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year in 2015 than whatever 7-9 B.S. he had to deal with the the 2016 LA Rams.

Foster’s hoodie game was amazing and one of the best highlights for the 49ers. Let’s be real. It’s hard to be really good with Brian Hoyer as your starting quarterback. One day soon, he’ll channel his 2014 Cleveland Browns vibes for new head coach Kyle Shanahan. Then again, Hoyer might be past his prime. San Francisco needs a quarterback in the 2018 NFL Draft any way.

You know who’s not past his prime? That’s right, No. 56 Savage Foster. He can’t wait to play for the 49ers. Why bother putting Foster on the back of his red jersey? We already know the hand-picked surname he wants any way. Let’s do it!

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