What was Derek Carr doing during the National Anthem?

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Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr was mouthing something during the national anthem, but what was it?

Donald Trump’s comments on Friday night at a rally in Alabama spurred protests throughout the NFL on Sunday. The president called out players who kneel during the national anthem, saying they should be fired for doing so. He later walked that back to say players should merely be suspended but the point was established.

Players around the league on Sunday pushed back with mass protests involving entire teams in unity. The Steelers, Seahawks, and Titans refused to take the field during the anthem while teams that did either locked arms, kneeled or both.

Derek Carr’s Oakland Raiders mostly took a knee as a team before Sunday Night Football, but all eyes were on Carr.

It looked like Carr was mumbling or singing along, but his mouth didn’t match the words in the anthem. It’s possible that he was behind the broadcast but that’s thinking too hard about things.

Carr was praying, proudly, on national television. This was his form of protest, as prayer was attacked a few weeks ago when players were called out for taking a knee and praying during the national anthem.

That Raiders quarterback remained standing during the anthem but he was seen praying while locking arms with his teammates. This goes in line with Carr’s devout religious beliefs, something he has never been afraid to show to the world.

Carr praying — whether you believe in the power or not — is a powerful protest that shouldn’t go unnoticed. With all the unrest and disagreement in the country, seeing someone try to find peace within themselves and project that is pretty stunning.

It’s also a counter to the argument that Carr didn’t kneel with his teammates. Say what you will, he was protesting loudly and proudly on Sunday night in his own unique way.

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