Dez Bryant makes a spectacular TD catch against the Cardinals

Dallas Cowboys

Dez Bryant’s gritty touchdown will be on highlight reels for years to come.

The touchdown that Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant scored on Monday night against the Arizona Cardinals was absolute insanity.

If you missed it, then you lost out on a chance to see one of the greatest, grittiest TD catches any wide receiver has ever made. Yes, I’m putting that Bryant TD catch right up there with the Franco Harris “scoop” and the Dwight Clark “Miracle Catch.”

It was that special.

Disagree with me if you will, and most probably would because the Cowboys are one of the most hated franchises in sports history. Even the haters, however, have to appreciate the sheer will of what Bryant accomplished under the hot glow of Monday Night Football.

Special players make special plays in big-time situations, and Dez is one of the few players in today’s NFL that can make those type of big plays. Love him or hate him, the man is a big play machine, and he has made those plays time and time again for a Cowboy team that has Super Bowl dreams dancing in their minds.

If the Cowboys do make it to the big dance this season, many may point to this TD catch that got them on the right track. The Cowboys came into this Monday night game looking to lick their Texas-sized wounds from the shellacking they took against the Denver Broncos.

For the first quarter-and-a-half against Arizona, Dallas looked like a team that was still shellshocked from the Massacre in the Mile High City.

Enter Dak Prescott and Bryant, who has shown the ability to make the plays needed to give the Cowboys life when they needed it most. Prescott is relatively new to this in the NFL stage, but not Bryant, who has done this type of work time and time again.

That TD catch, though, was something special, and it’ll be one you will be seeing on highlight reels for years to come.

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