DirecTV allowing NFL Sunday Ticket refunds as a result of national anthem protests


DirecTV announced they are now allowing NFL Sunday Ticket refunds in response to the controversy caused by the national anthem protests.

In response to President Donald Trump’s comments against national anthem protesters at a rally last Friday, many NFL players decided to attempt to make a statement against him.

More players than had ever protested the anthem before protested the anthem on Sunday in what was by far the biggest day of national anthem protests in NFL history. In fact, many players have said that they will continue protesting, so this may be a sign of things to come.

But right now, it looks like the players aren’t the ones making statements.

Sure, NFL ratings have been going down since the protests began with Colin Kaepernick last preseason, as has average game attendance, specifically because of the fact that NFL hasn’t done anything to punish the protesters.

But now, DirecTV has begun allowing customers who do not wish to continue their NFL Sunday Ticket subscriptions as a result of the protests to receive refunds on their purchases of the program.

According to the Wall Street Journal, while the company has not issued an official statement saying that they are “offering” refunds, they have returned money to several customers who have brought up the fact that they no longer wish to watch the NFL, particularly because of the political injections that the national anthem protests provide.

This is huge news from the lone provider of NFL Sunday Ticket, a program that allows viewers to watch any Sunday afternoon NFL game whenever they want to. If this keeps up, not only will this make it more convenient for the people who were going to boycott the NFL due to the anthem protests anyway to do so, but now it may make the decision to stop watching the sport easier for some of the people who seem to be on the fence about the whole boycotting ordeal.

Are you a DirecTV customer, and if so, will you be considering dropping NFL Sunday Ticket and getting a refund for it?

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