Appreciate what Dustin Colquitt accomplished Monday night

Kansas City Chiefs

Chiefs punter Dustin Colquitt hit a major milestone on Monday night and people need to appreciate it!

There was a major milestone hit Monday night as the Kansas City Chiefs host the Washington Redskins on Monday Night Football. You’re probably thinking that it has something to do with some ridiculous passing or rushing feat, or even maybe something involving sacks or interceptions and you know what, that’s pretty understandable. It’s simply the nature of the beast. But in reality, Monday night’s milestone that needs to be recognized comes from the special teams department, mainly the punting unit.

Yeah, you heard that correctly — a milestone in the special teams department was attained in the contest. 35-year-old Chiefs punter Dustin Colquitt nailed his 400th career punt that landed inside the opponent’s 20-yard line as Kansas City looks to move to 4-0 on the year.

No matter what, it’s always easy to overlook a punter accomplishing almost anything, but the truth is this is pretty remarkable. People don’t truly understand the precision and skill that it takes for a punter to meticulously place a ball in a certain spot with his foot while men much larger than them are coming for them, sometimes at full speed if there’s some blocking miscues, which there almost always are.

Colquitt was a third-round pick of the Chiefs back in 2005 and to say that the decision to take him in that spot at 99 overall would be an understatement. He’s spent his entire career with the team, and as is evident by the milestone he hit on Monday, it’s easy to see why they never wanted him to call another place home. They proved this also in 2013 when they made him the highest-paid punter in the NFL by rewarding him with a five-year extension worth near $19 million.

Punts aren’t seen as the sexiest part of football to many, but by god, to some of us it’s truly appreciated what it takes to go out there and do what they do. 400 punts inside the 20 should absolutely have all the praise heaped upon it possible.

He may not catch Jeff Feagles, who holds the record with 539, but that third spot held by Brad Maynard with 439 might be attainable.

Also, I guess you too can count this as one thing positive to happen for the Tennessee Volunteers in the last few days. They need something positive to talk about, that’s for sure.

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