Chiefs cover point spread and kill the under on wild final Monday night play

Kansas City Chiefs

A lot of people are mad at the Kansas City Chiefs after what took place at the end of their Monday night win over the Washington Redskins

You know, there’s a reason I’ve always made the conscious decision not to bet on sports. When it comes down to it, sports is as unpredictable as anything in this world and because of that, it’s simply just too much of a risk. Boy, were we ever reminded of this fact during the end of the Monday Night Football matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and Washington Redskins on Monday night.

The Chiefs drove down the field to hit the go-ahead field goal with just seconds to go, but there was still some time on the clock for the Redskins to maybe make a miracle happen. They tried to hit the trickeration button, but yeah, that didn’t really work all that well. As a matter of fact, the loss on the scoreboard was even worse because the ball landed in the hands of Justin Houston, who ran it into the end zone for a touchdown as the game came to a close.

Oh wow, what an ending to a really great football game.

Some people were probably saying that, yes. However, those who like to bet on the game of football were probably asking another question as this one came to an end: WHAT WAS THE CLOSING POINT SPREAD?!

Well, that’s where the bad news for some come in. As mentioned by Sean McDonough on the broadcast, the closing line in this game was seven points. Before this play some were sitting pretty, but after … not so much. Then to take it another step forward, you know what the over/under in this one was? 48.5. You can’t make this stuff up.

Again, kids, never bet on sports.

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