Cam Newton apologizes for comments made to reporter

Carolina Panthers

After making some disrespectful comments toward a reporter, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has offered up an apology.

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton had the entire football world riled up on Wednesday, and sometimes that can be an entertaining thing when you’re dealing with him. However, what took place on Wednesday was something far from entertaining, as Newton made some pretty sexist comments toward beat writer Jourdan Rodrigue of the Charlotte Observer.

During his press conference on Wednesday, Rodrigue pegged Newton about the routes run by wide receiver Devin Funchess, and that’s where things went completely off the rails. Newton chuckled when he first heard the question, then after Rodrigue was done with her inquiry, Newton proceeded to point out how funny it was that a woman was asking about routes in the NFL. Immediately after the comments were made, Newton went viral for what many viewed as a sexist act by the Panthers signal-caller.

Naturally, all day Thursday people were wondering whether or not Newton would issue an apology, be it in front of the media or maybe even in a tweet. Well, Newton did take to Twitter, but he didn’t just type words for his apology.

Thursday night Newton posted this video below in which he expresses regret for what he said to Rodrigue on Wednesday, apologizes, and even asks for people to be better than he was when he made the comments that he did.

Newton has received probably the most backlash that he has ever received in his career for anything after this, and rightfully so. As he mentioned in the video, he even lost a sponsor as yogurt company Dannon cut ties with him on Thursday.

This is a step in the right direction for Cam, to offer up this apology, and hopefully after all of this he will finally begin to watch what he says — something that he has struggled with a lot both in college and the NFL.

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