Tom Brady just threw one of the worst interceptions of his life

New England Patriots

Tom Brady threw one of the worst interceptions that you will ever see him toss on Thursday night against the Buccaneers.

I don’t know, at 40 years old now, I think it’s time we really all start talking about Tom Brady slipping a little bit. He’s just not what he used to be anymore, and it may be time to just look in the mirror and call it a career.

Okay, yeah, we all know thats a bit load of you-know-what, but Thursday night the GOAT did give us a rare glimpse of his mortality, something we really don’t see all that often as the New England Patriots take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

In the first quarter of this one, Brady absolutely air-mailed a pass over the middle that went right into the arms of Justin Evans. Seriously, this pass was nowhere close to being completed and you even started to question whether or not Brady was under his own helmet after seeing this throw.

This interception also marked the first time in 264 attempts that Brady had tossed a pick, which was the second-longest streak of his career.

We see interceptions all the time like this in the NFL, but from Brady, it’s just not something you’re used to seeing. Brady is one of the most prolific passers in the history of the NFL, so it takes you back a little bit when he’s out there looking like a second-stringer on a throw like this.

Everyone should laugh at this now while they can, though, because Brady is probably so angered with himself that he will now go out the rest of the game, play the flawless football we’re used to seeing him play and hand the Buccaneers a beating at home.

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