Cam Newton was probably robbed of unreal TD against the Eagles

Carolina Panthers

Cam Newton probably had the most amazing touchdown we’ll see all year … until the review booth said that he didn’t.

Everyone has their opinions when it comes to Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, most of them negative. To be fair, he really did himself no favors recently when he made some sexist comments to a female reporter that wanted to talk about routes. But one thing that you can’t question when it comes to the former Heisman winner is his effort on the field, which is on display Thursday night as the 4-1 Panthers take on the 4-1 Philadelphia Eagles.

However, one of the best efforts Newton has ever made in his career may have been taken away from him due to a review.

In the fourth quarter with the Eagles up and the Panthers fighting back at home, Newton took off down the left sideline and made one of the most insane leaps to the end zone that you will ever see, extending his large frame as far as he could to try and get the six points.

In the moment, we were all convinced that we had just seen the best touchdown effort all year to this point, and maybe the best one that we would see all season. However, as it was a tough call off the bat, the referees ruled it not a score and the Panthers challenged it. As we all know, when it comes to reviews, you need indisputable evidence to overturn the call. The greatest broadcaster of our time, Tony Romo, constantly pointed out that there was just not going to be enough to overturn the ruling. And as turns out to be the case with nearly everything Romo says in the booth — he was correct.

They came back and ruled the call on the field would stand and the Panthers scored on the next play anyway when Cam fired a scoring pass to Christian McCaffrey.

But when you look at the above GIF in slow motion over and over it’s pretty clear that Newton got that ball over the plane before any part of him touched out of bounds. Simply put, love him or hate him, Cam Newton was robbed of one of the greatest scoring plays we’d see all year.

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