Albert Wilson and Alex Smith could win weirdest TD of the year

Kansas City Chiefs

The old adage goes, sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good. Chiefs WR Albert Wilson and QB Alex Smith just proved it on Thursday Night Football.

So far, Thursday Night Football has been totally wild. We’ve seen RB Marshawn Lynch borderline throw hands with an official, Amari Cooper catching passes and scoring touchdowns, and now we have another candidate for Catch of the Year.

Chiefs QB Alex Smith unleashed a deep ball, and it probably should have resulted in an interception. Instead, it ended up being the go-ahead TD for Kansas City.

Putting aside for just a moment how that could swing the season for the Chiefs and especially the Raiders, isn’t it totally bizarre how the Chiefs lost the game last week against the Steelers on an eerily similar play?

If you didn’t believe in the football gods before now, it certainly seems like they had a hand in this. For Oakland, this could be a nail in their coffin. If they lose by fewer than seven points, this play will be remembered bitterly by Raiders fans. It would be almost impossible for Oakland to dig out of a 2-5 hole with losses to all three other teams in the division.

On the Kansas City side, this play is going to help foster the belief they could be a team of destiny this season. They could be sitting at 6-1 through seven games with a sizable division lead. They would hold a tie-breaker over the New England Patriots for home-field in the playoffs, though not the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Alex Smith is in the middle of the best season of his career. Plays like this will certainly help inflate those stats and potentially keep him in the MVP conversation as the year goes on.

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