Amari Cooper gets away with blatant pass interference vs. Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs, Oakland Raiders

Amari Cooper scored a touchdown early on Thursday night against the Chiefs, and it looked good … except for the OPI part.

There are a lot of debates you can get into during the course of football games, and one of them definitely is whether or not pass interference has been committed on a particular play. Sometimes the play is so bang-bang that you can’t really tell, while other times it’s pretty obvious that either a defender or a receiver committed the crime in question. Thursday night as the Raiders take on the Chiefs, star Oakland receiver Amari Cooper was at the forefront of one of these debates.

The thing with this play, though, is that there’s really no question Cooper committed the interference, and to make matters much worse, there was no flag thrown on the play. Oh, and if you want to take things a step further, the play resulted in the Raiders getting an early six points on the board.

In the first quarter on Thursday night, Oakland wanted to catch the Kansas City defense off guard with a flea flicker, and it seemed to work pretty well.

To some, the interference was pretty obvious on the play in real time. But, in case you did happen to miss it, let’s take a closer look here.

It’s pretty clear right there that Cooper not only put his hands on the defender but gave him a little shove in the process. That, kids, is pass interference to a tee.  But, the human element came into play, and the call wasn’t made on the field.

Could you imagine the crowd reaction if this game were taking place inside Arrowhead in Kansas City as opposed to out in Oakland?

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