Khalil Mack is such a beast he ruined Eric Fisher with one arm

Kansas City Chiefs, Oakland Raiders

Khalil Mack showed off what a beast he is again, as he needed just one arm to get rid of Chiefs tackle Eric Fisher.

There’s a reason Oakland Raiders linebacker Khalil Mack was the No. 5 overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. That reason is because, although he only played for Buffalo in the MAC, it was evident he was just a beast of a player. Since he’s started his NFL journey, he has proven to be as much of a beast at this level that most assumed he would be.

Yes, Mack is one of the more terrifying players in the NFL when it comes to rushing the passer, and this is something the rival Kansas City Chiefs found out on Thursday night. More specifically, Chiefs left tackle Eric Fisher was reminded just how hard Mack is to deal with — in pretty embarrassing fashion.

In the first half of the Thursday Night Football game between these two hated rivals, Mack was rushing off the edge when he came right up to Fisher, one of the better tackles in the league. You’d assume that Mack would need all of his might to get by the Chiefs big man and get to Alex Smith, right?

Nah, wrong. All it took was the use of one arm to put Fisher to the ground immediately. Yes, one arm.

Do we really need any more evidence that Khalil Mack is, in fact, one of the more beastly players in the NFL at the moment. When you can manhandle a left tackle like that with such ease, then you’re pretty much in a class all by yourself.

To think Mack has only been in the NFL for four years now and may still improve in some capacity is a very scary thought to ponder.

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