Marshawn Lynch hid in stands to watch game, rode BART home

Oakland Raiders

After being ejected, Marshawn Lynch wore a disguise to watch the game in the stands and then took the BART home with the people of Oakland.

Marshawn Lynch’s tenure with the Oakland Raiders hasn’t gone as he dreamt it. Through seven games this season, Lynch has rushed for a mediocre 266 yards at best.

And then on Thursday night against the Kansas City Chiefs, Lynch was ejected for shoving a referee in a scuffle he ran onto the field from the sidelines to interject himself into it.

But that wasn’t the end of Lynch’s headline-stealing night. According to a report, Lynch changed and went into the stands to watch the game end. He did not leave the stadium as initial reports suggested.

Lynch is from Oakland and a man of the people. After the game, Lynch took a BART train home, riding public transportation with the rest of Raiders fans in attendance.

It’s cleary Lynch loves Oakland and is enjoying being back in his hometown. It’s always cool to see professional athletes do things like this to relate with the common man and their fans. It’s kind of surprising that the person, in this case, is Lynch, a man who once famously used velvet ropes to protect his Lamborghini when he parked it.

The man carries velvet ropes to mark off his Lambo…

But it’s cool never the less. We’ll see if any stories come out of this like when Jay Z rode the subway to his concert in Brooklyn and sat down next to an elderly lady who had no clue who he was or why everyone was surrounding him with camera phones.

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