Cam Newton stormed out of another press conference

Carolina Panthers

Cam Newton stormed out of his press conference again, but this time he didn’t let the reporter finish asking a question.

Cam Newton took part in his routine press conference Wednesday afternoon at the Panthers’ facility. After being asked questions about the team and this week ahead, Newton presented a displeased look on his face. Newton proceeded to ask for the next question but left the podium immediately.

This comes during a period of time when Newton has had multiple problems with the media. In the aftermath of the Super Bowl 50 against the Denver Broncos in 2016, Newton refused to answer reporters. While most could understand his emotional state after that game, snapping and ridiculing a reporter for an innocent question earlier this season makes a pattern for Newton. Fast forward a few weeks and Cam Newton is acting a little petty on camera again at a press conference.

The Panthers have since sent out a statement on Newton’s behavior. The statement merely says that Cam didn’t intentionally ignore or try to show up any members of the media.

When will Cam Newton realize that his actions on and off the field affect how he is viewed? Does he even care? I would like to think that the organization has talked to him about this before, but maybe they let it go on too long. No team can have their quarterback openly making mistakes off the field without suffering some sort of PR hit.

Despite losing an endorsement because of poor choices in front of the media, Cam continues to ostracize them. For his own sake, he should probably lay low for a while and go out of his way to satisfy media requirements. If not, the added pressure from outside could start to affect the team.

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