Cam Newton walks out of another press conference

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Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton once again had issues with the media on Wednesday. He didn’t care for the questions he was asked, so he just left.

Cam has earned his reputation as one of the most unique players in the NFL. There are not many quarterbacks that can duplicate his mix of athleticism and big play ability. However, that ability hasn’t exactly translated to success for the Panthers offense so far this season. Through seven games, they sit 15th in total yards and 22nd in points. Cam was asked about the offense on Wednesday and apparently didn’t appreciate it (h/t ESPN).

The QB decided to greet the question about consistency with a dismissive eye roll and a “next question”. After a few seconds of awkward silence, he stormed off the podium for the day. That probably wasn’t even the most ridiculous aspect of this snafu as the Panthers defended Cam’s actions.

“Cam didn’t intend to be discourteous toward any specific media member,” Panthers spokesman Steven Drummond said in a statement. “In his mind, after answering questions for nine minutes he had fulfilled his obligations.”

This quote is just silly. Newton clearly blew off reporters as he walked away. If he felt he fulfilled his obligations, he easily could have said so. This is the Panthers defending his immaturity as usual.

The bottom line is this. Players have the right to duck the media if they want. Just last week, Newton didn’t fulfill his obligations. It wasn’t a big deal and the world kept spinning. Just don’t talk if you don’t want too.

Players can be annoyed with silly questions and they’re not just robots there to answer as many questions as they want. Cam has to understand when the Panthers lose and generate a measly three points in a game, he’s going to get asked these kinds of questions. That’s just part and parcel of being a QB in the NFL.

Newton is pretty loud and bombastic when things are going well for the Panthers. He’s pretty fun to watch when he takes over a game. That’s all well and good but a little maturity would probably go a long way in these situations.

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