San Francisco 49ers wants to know if fans care about them winning

San Francisco 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers released a survey to fans asking them how important winning is to their experience.

So, do you actually want your team to win games? That is what the San Francisco 49ers asked their entire fanbase recently by way of a survey. The survey, which found its way to many 49ers faithful, is an immediate embarrassment to the organization.

I’m sure the person who wrote down that question didn’t quite think of the ramifications it would have. Unfortunately for the 49ers, it makes them look silly. Even though that may be par for the course when it comes to the 49ers’ organization, someone will be hearing from their boss on this one.

If there’s one no-no in the professional sports world, it is you can’t make your fans look like losers. As much as the team may be ‘losing’, fan support is still king everywhere. For this reason, the survey is a big deal. The stadium hasn’t been as full as in recent seasons, which is primarily due to their record, not how they present themselves. But they made things worse nonetheless.

I can’t imagine they will be sending out any more surveys that don’t strictly deal with the experience at concessions.

The real question is how are the fans feeling tonight? I think it’s safe to assume they don’t feel loved. In fact, I would venture to say they feel even more left by the wayside than they already have been so far this season. The 49ers don’t have much going for them, and it looks as if they will continue to spiral out of control as they face one of the best teams in the league this week.

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