A cat got loose on the field at the end of Dolphins vs. Ravens

Baltimore Ravens, Miami Dolphins

For some reason we’ll probably never know, there was a cat loose on the field Thursday night in Baltimore

Thursday Night Football this week gave us an AFC matchup between the Miami Dolphins and Baltimore Ravens. The football was not particularly anything to be pleased with, as the Ravens came away with the huge 40-0 blowout win at home.

However, this game was not void of some moments to remember, despite the lopsided score. Joe Flacco was knocked out of the game following a dirty hit by Kiko Alonso, and we even saw Ndamukong Suh go all Ndamukong Suh when he choked Ravens backup quarterback Ryan Mallett.

Yep, some crazy moments, indeed.

Oh yeah, almost forgot … at the end of the game, there was a cat loose on the field with Tony Romo providing his impeccable commentary. Yeah, that happened, too.

How in the world did a cat get on the field inside an NFL stadium is really a question that needs to be asked here. Sure, you might see a squirrel here and there get loose inside a stadium, but a cat? Where the hell did this little feline come from?

Of course, yes, you can make the obvious joke here and say that this cat on the field showed more life than the entire Dolphins offense Thursday night. You can make that proclamation because, in reality, it’s a very true statement — Adam Gase’s bunch were a whole different kind of inept as they were getting it handed to them by the Ravens.

The game itself was very terrible as a whole, which meant it wouldn’t be remembered all that fondly the rest of the season. But, thanks to a cat getting loose on the field, people will be talking about this Dolphins-Ravens battle for quite a bit.

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