Doctors trying to save Bears tight end Zach Miller’s leg

Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears tight end Zach Miller suffered a very bad leg injury on Sunday, and the situation has now taken a severe turn.

During Sunday’s game against the New Orleans Saints, Chicago Bears tight end Zach Miller caught what appeared to be a highlight reel touchdown. The score was overturned upon review, but those same replays showed Miller’s landing and his left leg buckling very badly under the force of his body.

Miller’s 2017 season is obviously over, and he stayed in New Orleans overnight for surgery on a dislocated knee and some other things. ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported “urgent vascular surgery” for Miller Sunday night to repair arterial damage in his leg, and ESPN’s Adam Schefter has passed on far more serious implications for the Bears tight end.

Multiple replays in the stadium and on the FOX television broadcast showed Miller’s injury, due to the question about the play as a completed catch and a touchdown. It was overkill in a lot of lights, to be sure, but also somewhat unavoidable to show such a gruesome injury over and over since there was doubt about the validity of the play.

Miller has become a prominent target in the Bears’ passing game over the last few years, as he has revived his career nicely after a three-year absence. He had 81 receptions over 25 games during the 2015 and 2016 seasons, along with 20 catches over the first seven games of this year.

Any football implications for the Bears over the rest of the season surrounding Miller’s absence can be absolutely ignored right now. Any thought or concern about his football career going forward can also be set aside. Hopefully doctors can save his leg, so he can just live his life normally on or off a football field.

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