A.J. Green, Jalen Ramsey ejected after scuffle in Jacksonville

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The star receiver and cornerback were both ejected from Sunday’s matchup after A.J. Green fought back after a Jalen Ramsey shove.

The NFL usually provides us with at least one or two chaotic moments every single week and we didn’t have to wait very long for one this week. The Cincinnati Bengals are in Jacksonville to take on the Jaguars.

Not only was star Jaguars RB Leonard Fournette a late scratch due to missing a team photo, we almost saw a re-do of last night’s UFC main event.

From Brent Martineau of CBS47/FOX30 in Jacksonville:

There had been some jawing back and forth between the two star players for a good portion of the game. While the shove from Ramsey isn’t needed at all, one has to wonder what in the world provoked Green to that extent that he basically tried to put Ramsey in a rear-naked chokehold.

If that wasn’t enough, Green threw a punch and then went back for the choke-hold! For Ramsey, he probably shouldn’t have been ejected for such a silly play.

Green may or may not face even further discipline after today’s game. It’s very rare to see much more than some pushing and shoving on an NFL field. Every once in a while, you might get a punch being thrown. For Green to go crazy for no visible reason seems out of character.

Ramsey and Green was one of the premier matchups of Week 9. Any NFL fan wants to see the best players face-off against each other. Earlier in the game, Green had Ramsey beat and QB Andy Dalton threw the ball out of bounds.

Ramsey must have been in Green’s head since the word go to get that kind of a reaction.

We’ll have to see how the rest of the game plays out to see if the two teams go after each other anymore or if it was just a Green versus Ramsey issue. The Jaguars are looking to keep their lead in the AFC South with a win and are now without Ramsey and Fournette.

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