Golden Tate ruined Jameis Winston for giving a horrible pregame speech


Jameis Winston gave one of the worst pregame speeches of all-time, and Golden Tate is among the unimpressed.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are not a good football team, something they displayed again on Sunday against the Saints. Things started weird and got worse, with Jameis Winston turning in one of the most bizarre pregame speeches we’ve ever seen.

If you missed it, here’s Winston’s bizarre pregame speech, which involved eating a ‘W’, I think.

The internet was quick to troll Winston for trying waaaaay too hard, and matters weren’t helped by the quarterback’s performance against the Saints. The Bucs were blown out of the water in New Orleans, and at one point resorted to fighting on the sideline.

Winston was the instigator of that fight, which might result in Mike Evans getting suspended for being psychotic. Re-watching his pregame speech in the context of the Bucs laying an egg in Week 9 paints it in a whole new light. Golden Tate was among those calling out Winston, saying in no uncertain terms that he’s glad Tampa is stuck with him and not Detroit.

This is pretty accurate for how most football fans feel about the pregame speech. Winston is known for his animated ways of hyping his team up, but it’s clear that the act is wearing thin. He can jump around like a fifth grader all he wants, but when push comes to shove Winston has been one of the worst quarterbacks in the league.

If he’s not taking his team out of the game with nincompoopery on the field, he’s on the sideline having been taken out himself with a shoulder injury.

This is not how the third year of his career was supposed to go. There’s plenty of time to turn things around, but for now Winston is less of a prince and more of a jester that no one is laughing at anymore.

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