Let’s breakdown how Tyreek Hill clowned the Cowboys defense (Video)

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Tyreek Hill is more human than human, and scholars will one day break down his insane touchdown run against Dallas.

Kansas City Chiefs playmaker Tyreek Hill is exactly that: a playmaker. He can change a game on a dime, and when the ball is in his hands there’s no place on the field that a defense should consider secured.

That’s something the Dallas Cowboys learned the hard way on Sunday afternoon. With 0:02 seconds before halftime, Hill took a dump off pass to the house, beating a prevent defense by Dallas and scoring the most imporbable touchdown of the season.

In case you were trapped under a rock somewhere, here’s the insane play that Hill made before the half.

It’s old news that he did this, we’ve all seen it by now. The question is how in the actual hell did Hill pull this off.

Start with the basics. Dallas is in prevent defense, which means they’ve loaded up downfield with defenders to stop a Hail Mary pass. So to counter, Alex Smith dumps it off in the  (wide open) flat to Hill.

He has at least three blockers that will come in handy.

The two lead blockers occupy the mass of Cowboys to the right of Hill. This allows him to cut up field towards the sideline to space. He still has a blocker over there to help.

At this point, Cowboys players behind the play have caught up, but they won’t be much of a factor. This is where football logic goes out the window and Hill’s ability to be more human than human takes over.

To pull off this touchdown, he needs to create space by cutting up and then back to bunch the defenders.

Not only does Hill do that, but it now allows him to rely on his best attribute — his blazing speed. Only a player as fast as Hill would be able to fire through this hole like this.

That Cowboys player who stands in the way of Hill and the endzone is a blur not because the image is frozen but because he is so badly being clowned that he ceased to exist for a moment. That’s how good Tyreek Hill is.

The chances of this happening were so slim. That should make you appreciate the athleticism of Hill like you never had before. We all knew he was fast, but his shiftiness is what helped pull things together. He’s the most dangerous type of playmaker.

What we learned here is simple: Tyreek Hill is not human. Good luck every trying to stop him when he gets into open field.

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