Broncos vs. Patriots Week 10: Recap, highlights and more

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New England put a beatdown on Denver so severe that it might be the final straw that breaks the season of the one-time Super Bowl hopefuls. 

Anyone who doubted the Patriots earlier in the season saw on Sunday night what the team is capable of. Criticism was rightfully leveled when New England struggled against the Texans and Panthers, but those cobwebs seem to be disintegrating.

New England laid a beatdown on Denver that doesn’t make us forget their flaws but signals that the team is starting to put things together. The defense is still a question mark, but there are no questions about Tom Brady and his offense. Denver isn’t the team we thought it’d be, but scoring 41 points against its defense isn’t easy.

Speaking of Denver, what a time to totally quit on the season. In front of the bright lights of national television, the Broncos showed the world that they were packing it in for the year. Brock Osweiler is a disaster but there isn’t much relief behind him. Since the season is lost, it might be time to trot out Paxton Lynch when (if?) he’s healthy to get the lay of the land with the quarterback situation. Something has to change, and either Denver needs to draft a quarterback with what will be a high pick or find someone in free agency to try and turn the tide.

As we saw on Sunday night, the answer is not in Denver.


Three Stars

1. Rex Burkhead (9 rush, 33 yards, 1 blk)

His impact was felt in more than just the rushing game. Burkhead’s special teams play was highlighted when he blocked a punt early in the game. The block was something that gave the Patriots serious momentum early in the game and helped kick-start the eventual blowout.

2. Tom Brady (

Everyone is talking about how Carson Wentz is the MVP this year, and those arguments are valid. But what Tom Brady continues to do is unreal, as he s the reason the team always has a chance. The Broncos defense might have quit, but Brady helped drop over 40-points on Denver in front of a national audience. That can’t be discounted.

3. Emmanuel Sanders (6 rec., 137 yards)

Malcolm Butler was tasked with stopping Emmanuel Sanders on Sunday night, and simply put he didn’t do a good job. Sanders roasted the Patriots defense and ended up being the only bright spot in an otherwise ugly night. Sanders has been consistent for the Broncos and is just about all that Broncos fans should be happy about.

Next Week

New England will try to get its eighth win of the season but will attempt it in another country. The Patriots will meet up with the Oakland Raiders in Mexico City, while the Broncos limp into another home game where they will host the Cincinnati Bengals.

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