Jerry Jones gets scolded by other owners

Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been in the news for pretty much the entire season and now there’s a new reason that he’s being talked about.

The drama that has clouded the 2017 NFL season just never seems to end and every week provides a new story. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been in the center of quite a bit of it so far, and now there’s a new story emerging.

Jones has been vocal about the details of the contract extension being discussed for commissioner Roger Goodell. While all 32 owners voted for an extension, it’s now up to the competition committee to decide the compensation for Goodell. It’s likely not a coincidence that Jones started being voicing his opinions after Goodell suspended running back Ezekiel Elliott for six games. Jones actually threatened to sue the NFL, claiming the owners were being misled about the compensation for Goodell.

That didn’t sit well with the committee which is headed by Falcons owner Arthur Blank. The committee has sent a letter to Jones accusing him of conduct detrimental to the league. From USA Today, part of the letter states:

 “There is no legitimate basis for Mr. Jones to circulate to the full ownership a three-month-old document from a consultant to the Committee – a document that Mr. Jones personally knows to be an outdated, historical artifact of no relevance whatsoever in the context of these lengthy negotiations.”

It’s noteworthy to point out that Jones and Blank didn’t have a meet and greet this past week when the Cowboys visited the Falcons. This is odd as almost all owners at least greet each other if both are in the building. There were also rumors of the other owners having an option to force Jones out from his ownership, but that would seem unlikely and Jones called it “laughable” and “ridiculous”.

The average fan has to be a little weary of all the off-field stories that have been happening in the 2017 season. It’s difficult to relate to billionaires squabbling over how much to pay a multi-millionaire in Goodell. The deal will almost surely get done with Goodell whether Jerry Jones is on board or not.

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