Jalen Ramsey salutes LeBron with Arthur cleats

Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback is wearing some interesting cleats today as the Jaguars visit Cleveland and they seem to be an homage to LeBron James.

This week’s matchup between the Cleveland Browns and Jacksonville Jaguars has had a lot of interesting subplots going on in the media. Jaguar safety Tashaun Gipson made some waves when he predicted the Browns will go 0-16, running back Leonard Fournette talked about how much he hates playing in the cold, and now Jalen Ramsey has joined in the pre-game drama.  These are the cleats he has decided to wear this week.

They might appear like it’s just regular old Arthur fist cleats but he might be having some fun with Cleveland icon LeBron James. In case you missed it earlier this week, LeBron posted the popular meme on his Instagram page. It also just so happened to come on a night former teammate Kyrie Irving scored 35 points. Most people connected the dots that maybe LeBron wasn’t the happiest to see Irving going off after he forced his way out of Cleveland this past offseason.

It certainly doesn’t seem like a coincidence that Ramsey chose these exact cleats when the Jaguars are visiting Cleveland. The brash young cornerback has been one of the best in the NFL since his career began last season. Playing on what LeBron did this past week while playing IN Cleveland is pretty funny, although it could possibly rub some Browns fans the wrong way.

In a week that has seen a lot more trash talk than was expected between these two teams, Ramsey could add fuel to the fire when the two teams hit the field to warm up. It seems like more of a case of a young player having some fun but the Browns are probably looking for any motivation in yet another terrible season.

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