Case Keenum flagged for bizarre taunting call versus the Lions (Video)

Detroit Lions, Minnesota Vikings

After getting sacked on third down, Case Keenum got flagged for a bizarre taunting call for “throwing” the ball at Ziggy Ansah.

After getting sacked on third down, Case Keenum got flagged for a bizarre taunting call for “throwing” the ball at Ziggy Ansah.

To add insult to injury, after getting crunched by Ansah, the referees tagged an additional 15 yards to the loss. Apparently, tossing a ball from the seat of your pants is taunting, but rolling off the field is not. Regardless, Keenum has every right to be a little salty about this call, especially since it led to a Lions touchdown on their next drive.

Refereeing has always been, and will always be, somewhat controversial. Perhaps the refs wanted a better game for the early Thanksgiving Day game so they are trying to help the Lions close the gap? Or perhaps one of them has a vendetta against Keenum. Either way, the call was blasphemous and is not something that should have been called for taunting. If anything, there should have been offsetting penalties.

So here’s the synopsis, Keenum tossed the ball and it clipped Ansah’s foot as he rolled away. Then, Ansah’s teammate joined in and continued to roll him off the field, right in front of Keenum. You tell me which should have been called for taunting.

With a close game brewing, the game is one of inches. That extra 15 yards that gave the Lions such good field position could come back to bite the Vikings should the Lions complete the comeback. Say what you will about the referees, but holy moly this was something else. Bizarre is putting it lightly. Maybe they are trying to crack down on taunting, yet simultaneously are allowing more grandiose celebrations.

Who knows? All that matters today is eating good food with family and watching football, hopefully the rest of the games today live up to the excitement this game has produced for the fans. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there.

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